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A Dance in the Flower-Covered Field by MikuruTakashima A Dance in the Flower-Covered Field :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 4 0 Kenneth Stefan Burnells by MikuruTakashima Kenneth Stefan Burnells :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 0 0
OC: Kenneth Stefan Burnells | Heaven's Wings
Name: Kenneth Stefan Brunells
Name meaning: Kenneth - handsome
                        Stefan - Greek: "victorious"
                        Burnells - strong
Nickname: Ken
Title: First Heir of the Byice Throne
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 13
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Blood Type: B
Debut Appearance: Heaven's Wings Ch. 1
Wizard Rank: A Class
Reputation: Kenneth is known to be a silent and reserved prince of Byice Circle. Most people in his kingdom think that he is the most suited heir for the throne since he can control his emotions and he carries a bit of an authority in his aura. He is also known for his nobility that makes him a highly respected Royal Highness.
:iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 0 0
Claire Aveline Clovis by MikuruTakashima Claire Aveline Clovis :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 2 0
OC: Claire Aveline Clovis | Heaven's Wings


Name: Claire Aveline Clovis
Name meaning: Claire - Latin: "bright or clear"
                        Aveline - French: "hazelnut"
                        Clovis - Latin: "renowned fighter"
Nickname: Claire, C (by Kenneth)
Title: Heiress of the Silvervalley Throne
Race: Human
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 6
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: B
Debut Appearance: Heaven's Wings Ch. 1
Wizard Rank: A Class
Reputation: Claire, being the chosen heiress to the throne, is highly respected by her royals subjects and people. Despite causing a lot of trouble in the city, she was always loved by the people in her kingdom. Though some might misunderstood that she was a lazy princess,
:iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 0 0
Team Daring by MikuruTakashima Team Daring :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 1 0 Just Once Again by MikuruTakashima Just Once Again :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 4 0 WIP: Evil Princess Liz by MikuruTakashima WIP: Evil Princess Liz :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 9 0 Clarianne Silvervalley by MikuruTakashima Clarianne Silvervalley :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 2 2 Vampire Lovers by MikuruTakashima Vampire Lovers :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 5 0 Royal Princesses Crossover by MikuruTakashima Royal Princesses Crossover :iconmikurutakashima:MikuruTakashima 3 0


Ahri crossover by sakimichan Ahri crossover :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,402 162 [I N N O C E N T     S I N S] by DAYLIO [I N N O C E N T S I N S] :icondaylio:DAYLIO 304 18 Snow miku 2017 by dmarichanb Snow miku 2017 :icondmarichanb:dmarichanb 635 68 Saint v.2017 by YuriqueS Saint v.2017 :iconyuriques:YuriqueS 132 4 Commission:Yuzuki by ThaiChau Commission:Yuzuki :iconthaichau:ThaiChau 268 12 Ishtar by Rosuuri Ishtar :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,711 61 Comm Ezekiel (+ SpeedPaint) by TheCecile Comm Ezekiel (+ SpeedPaint) :iconthececile:TheCecile 299 22 Comm Blake Ryder (+SpeedPaint) by TheCecile Comm Blake Ryder (+SpeedPaint) :iconthececile:TheCecile 399 24 [CLOSED] Altherial Adopt #007 by TheCecile [CLOSED] Altherial Adopt #007 :iconthececile:TheCecile 252 28 Comm Jade (+SpeedPaint) by TheCecile Comm Jade (+SpeedPaint) :iconthececile:TheCecile 475 30 [CM] Tiny Wars Poster by Ayasal [CM] Tiny Wars Poster :iconayasal:Ayasal 234 5 Raffle Prize : Kiharu by Darkavey Raffle Prize : Kiharu :icondarkavey:Darkavey 566 54 St.Michael by Dark-kanita St.Michael :icondark-kanita:Dark-kanita 36 13 Miraculous Ladybug by Anashiaa Miraculous Ladybug :iconanashiaa:Anashiaa 1,072 43 miraculous ladybug: the same air by hchan miraculous ladybug: the same air :iconhchan:hchan 2,701 89 Miraculous Ladybug by SquChan Miraculous Ladybug :iconsquchan:SquChan 821 55



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Kathie M
Artist | Hobbyist
Hobbyist Artist in both Traditional and Digital Art
Sometimes a writer
Always a programmer
Forever bibliophile

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I'm not talking about my traditional artworks. I'm talking about my digital artworks.

I feel so insecure right now because look at all these artworks I'm browsing and adding to my favorites. These artists are so professional while I'm...well, a crap.

And no, I am not posting this to seek attention. I just feel awful for myself that I needed to degrade myself again in order to improve. Yes, I have been practicing and practicing even though school is in the way HAHAHAHA I CRI. 😭😭😭

My art skills did improve for over the past four years. Although, it felt like I just leveled up from a total noob to a total beginner. Analogy: In computer language, it felt like I mastered C program then moving to C++. Yes, I am a hobbyist but I still feel like my digital arts are still in total basic level. I really need to improve and I need to practice even more. BUT I NEED TO STUDY FOR MY FINALS AND I NEED SLEEP 💤💤💤

And I basically lack digital art materials. I've been saving up to buy a graphics tab but because school is an asshole, I had to use my savings to pay for the tuition and other requirements. Plus, I buy one or two fictional books every month. Ghaaad, my budget's not enough. 

Please don't suggest that I have to sell my artworks here. They're not worth a penny...yet. I really need to find a job. Part-time is enough since I am still a college student. 😶

As for the digital applications, I'm contented with Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC. I just need three more things: Ipad Mini, a scanner and graphics tab.

Wow Kath, you really need to save thrice the amount than what you're usually saving. 😂😂😂😂😂

Yep, I need to improve. I cannot depend on provided backgrounds for my artworks forever. I need a little more practice on my coloring and I need to start learning how to sketch backgrounds. But first, do pray for my soul since Hell Week is approaching.
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So, it's been 4 years since I put this account on hiatus.
Well, you can't blame me. I got busy in college. HAHAHA

Long time no see! I'm back!
As you can see, I emptied my account because I am restarting it. And my old arts are embarrassing. I'll just post it back when I redraw them. 

So, since I've been absent on Deviantart for 4 years, the question is: Did my art skills improve?
I can't say I have. You'll be the judge. HAHAHAHA
Seriously, I really have no idea if I have improved over the past years or not since I'm used to see my arts everyday and I honestly can't tell the difference (lol what). JUDGE MEH PPL!

But anyways, I'm back and I am going to post my current artworks I have made and yeah. Let's just hope that I won't put this account on hiatus again for another 4 years HAHAHAHA.

That's all for now! AND DEVIANTART, THANKS FOR WELCOMING ME BACK! *spreading hearts everywhere*
  • Listening to: AAA - Game Over
  • Reading: The Selection Series
  • Playing: Shall We Date otome games HAHAHA
  • Eating: Spaghetti
  • Drinking: Can't decide between coffee or tea


My old drawings are still preserved in Omg I am laughing my ass off lol.
Okay, I've been a deviant for 5 years and I still haven't posted many of my artworks here. Motivate me ppl hahaha
Perks of being a procrastinator:
- Having the wildest imagination but no motivation
- Having the motivation at the highest level but no ideas
- Simply feeling too lazy to draw
- Looking at exquisitely made arts for inspiration but no motivation
- Wanting to be productive vs wanting to sleep. The latter definitely wins

I'm so sorry for being so lazy.
Okay, I'm still alive and I'm back. Hell Week is long over and I can now finally focus on writing and sketching! 🙌🙌🙌
I should sketch some reference sheet of my OCs. Maybe later lol


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